Everyone wants to belong!  Every church needs to belong.  One way that sense of belonging together is ministry. Togetherness is expressed through ministry with one another.  Together we put on ministry events here in Tifton or surrounding area. As an association of churches that is affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, there are some events that are put on by the Mission Board that may be held within our churches or outside of them.  There are also events of interest to our churches that are outside of  Southern Baptist groups or organizations, local or otherwise, that are posted for information in case they want to attend.

Regular Meetings:

Mell Encouraging/Strengthening Team (first Tuesday), Noon, at Mell Office

Mell Evangelism/Missions Team (third Thursday), noon, at Mell Office

Mell Ministers’ Luncheon (third Tuesday), noon, at Mell Office (except June, July and December)

Mell Administrative Team (fourth Thursday), noon, at Mell Office

Mell Executive Committee (fourth Thursday of February and June), 7 PM, at Mell Office

Mell Pastor’s Prayer Time (second Monday), 8 AM, at Mell Office

Upcoming Events:

Mission Trip to Rogersville, Tennessee, March 27-April 1, 2023

Mission Trip to Ichmul, Mexico, July 8-15, 2023